Glass wall systems are a classy design feature in a commercial building, because they allow more natural light to flow through the building. If you are looking for a way to improve security, modernize the design, and lower energy costs, then glass walls and partitions are a great way to make a statement for your company.

More commercial projects are incorporating architectural glass walls, because businesses find that the open glass helps to facilitate communication among team members. The frameless glass doors can be opened or closed, depending on the amount of privacy or space is needed for a meeting. Sliding glass doors allow you to change the space to accommodate a variety of gatherings in the office.

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Sliding Glass Door Systems


Our wide range of exclusive products grants architects and interior designers the freedom to design their own interior spaces using sliding glass door systems and architectural glass walls. Our “frameless” use of glass or wood brings a modern aesthetic to commercial, residential and hospitality projects. If you are looking for a unique way to make a statement with the design elements within your building, then interior glass wall systems are the perfect choice.

Why sliding glass doors? They are sustainable, provide significant energy cost savings, allow natural light throughout the building, create a feeling of openness, and utilize the space more efficiently than swinging doors. Because of the open area that allows natural light, conventional lighting can be minimized for energy saving purposes.

Klein’s pursuit of excellence in design, development and quality has made the company a global leader. Once you experience the quality and design of our sliding glass door systems, you are certain to receive a project result which will compliment and add value to any space. Our goal is to make sure that each person is satisfied with their sliding door systems.