Operable Partitions

Specialty Dynamics is a proud dealer of Kwik-Wall Moveable Wall Systems.  After months of researching the many lines of operable partitions, we had determined that Kwik-Wall Moveable Wall Systems best fit our needs and the needs of the local market place. We compared many manufacturers product lines against the many different architectural specifications and customer needs within the Northern California region and Kwik-Wall Systems has many product lines to meet or surpass these specifications and needs. One of the major advantages that Kwik-Wall Systems has over most of the competitors is LEAD TIMES. In this fast paced industry we have all come to realize that long lead times can make or break a successful project. The majority of the manufacturers are 3 to 4 weeks out on pre-lim track systems and up to 13 weeks for the partition once track is installed. These types of lead times have forced the distributors to pre-order the partitions prior to track install which heightens the risk of dimensional errors and product that has to be field modified during installation. Kwik-Wall is currently running at 2 weeks for track pre-lims and 3 to 4 weeks for the partition once track is installed. We also offer options for stamped engineered calculations and installation of the structural support systems from Uni-Strut to post and “I” beam systems.  Please take a moment to view the product lines by using this link http://www.kwik-wall.com/products/default.html . Here you will find Operable Partitions of every type and configuration. Accordion doors and a complete line of Movable Glass Walls. We are very excited to partner with Kwik-Wall and look forward to assisting you with extremely competitive pricing on your upcoming projects. Here at Specialty Dynamics we take pride in aligning ourselves with quality products and Kwik-Wall Moveable Wall Systems is a perfect match to couple with over 30 years of combined operable partition sales and installation between the owners of our company.

Operable Partition Structural

          Support Systems

In addition to our Operable Partition Services, we also offer structural support for all types of partitions. From Uni-Strut systems to 50 foot I beams, we can provide and install exactly what your space needs. We can design the support to best fit the space and provide stamped structural calculations to accompany.  Too many times we've seen structural steel contractors provide support with the wrong clearance heights, not enough structural bracing, or drilled bracket support holes  not spaced according to wall manufacturers shop drawings.  These corrections are usually provided at an extra cost by your Operable Partition contractor.  Let our Operable Wall and Structural Support experience eliminate these added costs and hassles on your project.  We understand the limitations of head space, understand the minimum clearances, and know exactly how the shop drawings are to be interpreted, with the design experience to have engineered calculations provided that work for all.

Operable Partition Service

SDI is your service solution for all brands of operable partitions, also sometimes referred to as Airwalls, Folding Partitions, or Bi-folding doors.  We can Repair, Refinish, or even Relocate your operable walls and accordion doors.

We service the following:

  • Modernfold
  • Aircoustic
  • Panelfold
  • Advanced Equipment Corp. (AEC)
  • Hufcor
  • EMCO
  • Hauserman
  • Kwik-Wall
  • And many more